"Meditation in a bottle" - Discover How Fast Acting Gabatrol Can Help You:

- Reduce Stress & Anxiety
- Increase Positive Mood
- Enhance Your Floating Experience!

You can feel the positive effects of Gabatrol in as little as 20-30 minutes. Any time of day you need to reduce anxiety, stress and negativity, it's the safe, all natural way to feel relief. Gabatrol is the most potent, fastest acting way for you to feel relief from the feelings of anxiety and stress. This is critical to ensure optimal results from your floating experience!

"...An amazing product to help your brain fully relax, be present in the moment and have a good time without having to use alcohol...you will feel very free and uninhibited... also helpful on a regular basis as a stress reducer"

--John Gray, PhD. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

"Gabatrol is a one of a kind product you can really feel work. I recommend it to all my patients"

--Doctor Sherrill Sellman, Bestselling Author of "Hormone Heresy: What Woman Should Know About Their Hormones"

"I love Gabatrol, it's really helped me during times of stress and anxiety!"


--Frankie Boyer, Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host.

"Gabatrol is like meditation in a bottle…"


--Arjuna Ardagh, Bestselling Author of Leap Before You Look.

"My life is so radically in forward motion: I really attribute it to Gabatrol … THE ENERGY, INSPIRATION, ENTHUSIASM has been a quantum leap. So thank you! It has been a miracle."

--Wendy Singleton

"I was diagnosed with vasospastic angina that was causing me to have heart problems, twitching and pre-seizure activity. My doctor had me on the anxiety medication xanax and a heart medication too, and wanted me to increase the dosage. By using just one Gabatrol capsule twice a day I was able to feel better and did not have to increase the medications. It was an amazing difference and even my doctors were impressed. I hope to soon come off the medications by bridging with Gabatrol."

--Nancy Orbin

"I like it very much. I would say it saved my life many times over. I have tried other products...they are not ok with me. I do well with your Gabatrol. I do really well with it...In the morning on an empty stomach, just one (capsule) and it changes everything for me and makes me...more alert and aware and able to get thru my day. I don't take it everyday, but I take it when I feel like I need it ... It is a very good product...And I appreciate it very much ...Thank you very much, I appreciate your product and whoever made it more than I can say."

--Mary McKenna, Austin TX

" Honestly, I didnt know what to expect when I took Gabatrol. I was a little skeptical, but it really worked. In about 12 minutes I felt soo much better, calmer, more relaxed and much less stressed out. Gabatrol really suprised me, I would definitely recommend anyone with mood issues, or stress or anxiety to try Gabatrol."

--John Christian, Darien CT

" With Gabatrol I stay relaxed and focused so that I can perform at my best. With less stress I feel like I have more energy, so my workouts in the gym are bette. I also noticed a decrease in food cravings, which is helping me lose weight."

--Monica Mendez, Miami, Fl

Stress & Anxiety Relief within Minutes!*

Most users report feeling the effects in as little as 15-30 minutes. Especially on an empty stomach with a glass of your favorite beverage. Any time of day you need to reduce stress   and anxiety, Gabatrol is the safe, all natural way to feel relief.

Uplifts Your Mood Making You Feel Positive!

Gabatrol has a herb called Kanna that has been used for centuries by people to uplift their mood and have a better outlook on life. Not only does Gabatrol take away all the negative feelings, but it actually makes you feel great!

Alleviates Mild Depression and Mood Swings*

Many customers who have had depression of various types have stated that Gabatrol simply alleviates their depression and uplifts their mood!

Helps You Gain Better Clarity and Focus

Gabatrol takes away all the distracting negative feelings you may have while uplifting your mood--this alone can help you focus and have clarity of mind, but Gabatrol also enhances your clarity and focus as well.

Gabatrol Has No Side Effects and is Non-Addictive!

Gabatrol is not a prescription drug like Xanax Prozac, Zoloft and other SSRIs. Gabatrol is healthy and safe, so you get fast relief without the worries you may find with prescription medications and their unwanted side effects. Unlike prescription medications that may take weeks to work - Gabatrol works within minutes! Unlike prescription medications, Gabatrol is non-addictive and has no side effects!.

Ingredients in Gabatrol Regarded as Safe by FDA

Most of the ingredients in Gabatrol have a GRAS(Generally Recognized As Safe) Rating.

clinically proven ingredients

Gabatrol’s ingredients have been extensively researched and documented with over 100 currently available studies. Most areas of research include reducing stress and anxiety, affecting mood disorders, regulating brain chemistry, promoting relaxation, improving learning and concentration, etc. You can see references to some these studies on the ingredients page below each ingredient.

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